Saturday, December 5, 2015

18"Teak Shower Bench With Shelf

The ORIGINAL 18" SPA Teak Shower Bench With Shelf

I have a large two person standing shower. There are no low shelves or walls and I needed a place to sit and prop my feet, etc. I found this bench at a reasonable price on Amazon and it took 5 days to receive it. 
It is small enough that it does not overcrowd the shower. It does not extend into the space you need. It is large enough to sit on or rest your feet on (for ladies to shave their legs). I have a very large shampoo pump that is on the bottom shelf and is not noticeable now. The shelf is convenient to keep things off the floor that will not fit in a shower caddy or on a built in shower shelf. This keeps the floor clean and prevents soap residue from pooling around things.
It was very simple to put together. I had to look at the picture to figure it out because the instructions were extremely basic. It is very sturdy. The wood should hold up for years if treated. I have had it for about 6 months and have not treated it with Teak oil yet but I will soon to preserve it. So far, there are no signs of water damage to the legs or shelves. It endures about 4 showers a day so it was well worth the price. This bench looks good enough to be a side table if you have outdoor furniture.

Here is a link to the exact item I purchased: The ORIGINAL 18" SPA Teak Shower Bench With Shelf

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