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Friday, April 8, 2016

MakersKit Mason Herb Garden Kit

I'll start this review by saying I love outdoor gardening. It's been a hobby of mine for several years but I have never started seeds indoors. I received this kit as a gift six months ago but just had a chance to try it. They send everything you need including:

  • 4 Half Pint Glass Mason Jars with lids
  • Organic Potting Soil and Pebbles
  • Organic Crushed White Volcanic Rock
  • 4 Seed Packets

I watched the getting started video as suggested and it was straight forward. The kit also includes several labels, etc., so I think including written instructions would be beneficial. Especially for those who have unreliable internet or just don't use it (yes, they are out there.)

I started the seeds directly in the soil without soaking on March 31.

Day 3, April 3 - basil first started to sprout

 Day 7, April 7, all four have started to sprout

Day 8, April 8, the parsley and cilantro are growing very fast!

The parsley was not showing any signs of life until yesterday so you have to be patient with it. Once my little seedlings are stronger, I will thin and attempt to transplant some. I wasn't sure how well the seeds would do. Now that I have seen such a high percentage of sprouts, I would recommend using only part of the seed packet and save part for later, or starting them in a different containers.

Here is an Amazon link to the kit I received - Herb Garden Kit.

My kit included basil, parsley, cilantro and clover. The new kits include mint, not clover.

I also started another kit that includes savory, dill, chervil and arugula yesterday. I soaked the seeds this time and the dill is already sprouting! I will post a review of that kit soon.  It can be purchased on Amazon here: Savory Herb Kit . Sometimes you can purchase the kits together on Amazon along with a culinary seed collection. I have started some of those and will also review their progress soon.