Monday, October 8, 2018

Cross Country with Three Dogs: Day 7

Day 7: Mobile, Alabama to East Coast, Florida

We were so excited to finally be driving home that we left at 7:45 AM. We arrived home at 7:00 PM. We only made a couple of quick stops and it took 11 hours to arrive to Florida's central east coat but we were all so happy to be home! Even with no furniture!

7 Days, 9 States, 3 Dogs

Before venturing out on a road trip with pets and any overnight stays, I highly recommend reviewing my original blog Cross Country with Three Dogs where I explain all the necessary steps to make reservations when traveling with pets. The right planning can make what would seem like a stressful trip to a relaxed adventure for you and your buddies!

Check out my day-by-day posts for pricing and details about each area.