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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Amcrest 960H 8CH Video Security System Review

Last week we bought this home surveillance kit from Amazon. Was around US$ 400 and includes 8 night vision cameras and long cables to connect them, 1 TB hard drive, point-to-point connectivity for accessing fro any internet connected device.

I installed it myself and it was very easy. Configuring it to be accessed from the internet, which was my biggest fear, turned out to be an absolute no brainer.

I connected it to my TV and whenever we want to feel like we are in some high security facility :) we just switch the TV to that HDMI source and there is the back yard, the driveway, front door and all that good stuff.

I bought 4 extra long cables but turned out I used only one of them. The cables that came with the system were long enough for my home. You may very well not need any extra cables, so check first. These are the 100 feet cables I got: VideoSecu 100 Feet Pre-made All-in-One Video Power BNC RCA White Cable Wire for CCTV Security Cameras CBV100W WD2

One extra step I took was to buy Heat Shrink Tubing to protect the connection near the camera. The camera comes with a cable about a foot long, which will have to be connected to the long cables provided. Depending on how you are running the cables, that connection may end up exposed to the elements, and the Heat Shrink Tubing is perfect to protect that connection. Just dlide it in before connecting, then slide it over the connection and heat it up with a lighter, heat gun or whichever way isw convenient for you. This is the tubing I bought: Heat Shrink Tubing 19.1 mm Black Tube Sleeving Kit Pack

This is the exact kit I bought at Amazon:  Amcrest 960H 8CH Video Security System