Thursday, June 11, 2015

Tutorial: buying and programming a new remote for your car or truck.

We bought a used truck, a 2002 Silverado, to use as a house truck. It came with one key and one remote. The remote was warn out and the buttons barely worked. I then started to wonder how to fix that problem easily and with minimal cost. The price the dealer wanted to resolve this is so ridiculous, I won't even mention it here. After researching on blogs, I decided to buy a remote on Amazon (like mostly all I buy) and program it myself. I had done that before, so I thought I would be OK.

The remote I bought on Amazon for about $15 was supposed to come with some instructions, so I thought I would give it a shot. After all, this way I was spending LESS THAN 10% of the dealer price! I went ahead and ordered this guy: Replacement 3 Button Keyless Entry Remote Control Key Fob.

Programming it is super easy:

1 - Gather the new remote ( or fob, if that's what you call it) as well as any other remotes you want to work with the vehicle.
2 - Get in the vehicle, driver's side, and close all doors. Put the key in the ignition. Don't turn it yet!
3 - Press and hold the UNLOCK button on the door. While holding it, turn the ignition ON and OFF twice. Let go of the UNLOCK button. The door locks will cycle (lock and unlock) to confirm you are in programming mode.
4 - FOR EACH REMOTE YOU WANT TO PROGRAM: Push and hold both LOCK and UNLOCK buttons ON THE REMOTE simultaneously, until you hear the doors cycle. That remote is now programmed. Do the same with ALL the other remotes for that vehicle. After doing this, only the remotes you program will work. So make sure you do it all your remotes, old and new.

This worked great for me.

PS: I cannot be responsible for procedure errors and omissions. Reprogram at your own risk. :( Sorry, I hate legal stuff...

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